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Finding Life was written for piano and strings. The director's note for this cue was to write something beautiful but still keep a sense of uncertainty. The strings were recorded here in LA.

Aha is a feel good cue. Written to sound like an indie band, the producers were looking for something dreamy.

Time for Action was written for orchestra and is a "call to action" for our main character. I played the guitars and recorded the cello, violin and woodwind solos here in my home studio in LA. I orchestrated and recorded the string section in Macedonia. 

The Suicide is a dark electronic based cue for a supernatural thriller. I created the synth sounds specifically for the project.

Teach Him a Lesson is an a darker orchestral cue with Western elements. I orchestrated the cue and played/recorded all mandolins, guitars, banjos, dulcimers, and hand percussion on this track. The cello and violin solos were recorded in my studio, while the string sections were tracked in Macedonia.

Racer is a quirky feel good track written for a small group of instruments. The drums were tracked in Nashville and I played/recorded all the uke and quirky instruments here in my home studio here in LA.

Prayers was written for the film In Search of Balance. It's a violin solo with other electronic elements.


This cue has some intense dramatic action. The note was to create a modern soundscape that fit into the gritty martial arts world of the show. The action is driven by percussion but the details are filled in using modern scoring elements (electronic sounds, guitars, granular synths) and just a touch of orchestra. I designed all the music sounds, played the guitars and some live percussion. My favorite part is the Mandolin at 1:24. I created this by playing it with dulcimer hammers then manipulating the pitch in post with some electronic production tricks.

The Storyteller is a moody track written for a small group of instruments. The track needed to incorporate elements of both Celtic folk music and also signify a slight bit of magical realism, but still stay mostly mysterious. Our main character is a young runaway and the main note was to create a sense of running in the music.

I like to include this cue in my reel to show range but also because it's a deceptively difficult scene to score. The note was to create a cue that sounds songlike but shift (unlike a song) at the right moments and highlight the conversation (without being melodramatic). The producer wanted to take us on a ride as to whether the couple will reconcile. The music needed to be subtle but still have impact. The final note was to end early and leave room for the "crickets."