Documentaries are one of my favorite genres to work in. I often get the opportunity to explore varieties of music that are not common in narratives. More importantly, many of the projects cover scientific, environmental and significant social topics that hopefully have lasting impact on the viewer. I'm very proud of these projects. I've been fortunate to score docs that have been theatrically released and distributed worldwide by companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Gravitas Ventures. In 2016, I scored the George Clooney and Grant Heslov produced "The Timeline," for the NFL Network. I've also had the opportunity to co-score the live telecast of Mayweather vs Paquiaqo for HBO and Showtime. This was the highest grossing sporting event in sports history. 


This is the finale track for the film In Search of Balance which is distributed by Netflix (3/1/17). This track is supposed to signify all of the themes coming together both musically and metaphorically. The themes begin coming in at around 28 seconds.


We rise is an inspiration track written for All3 Media. I played and recorded all guitars and basses in my studio.


A Mystery Around It combines classical elements with electronic production. I love creating mixed genres. The strings were recording here in Los Angeles.


Leaving the Cave is from Still I Strive. I brought in an ethnic wind specialist to record the Southeast Asian Inspired winds. I also recorded cello and various other instruments in my studio.


This track was a co-composed for the NFL Network's, The Timeline. The show was produced by George Clooney and Grant Heslov. The note was to begin inspirational and shift to darker Middle Eastern Elements. 


From Still I Strive, the note for Angkor Wat is to invoke a mysterious feeling such as one might get from looking at the carvings on the temple.


This high energy track was written for the film Game Face which is distributed by Netflix. Again, all guitars and instruments were recorded in my studio in LA. I used some production tricks and toys on this one.


This is the main title for the Pilot No Holds Bared. It's a show about two MMA fighters walking us through their fight. It's a big, epic sounding track.


The Lead up is from the film Game Face. This track is supposed to be somewhat emotional and stoic, but also reserved as our main subject is about to lose her first battle.



You can watch the full movies of In Search of Balance and Gameface on Netflix. You can watch the full movie of Still I Strive on Amazon Prime